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Richard Lambert Computer Forensics, Cybercriminals, Laws and Evidence November 16, 2012 Federal Security within Federal Buildings Federal government facilities and buildings’ security is of utmost importance as it not only affects the daily activities of the federal government, but it also affects the safety, health, and well-being of federal employees as well as the public at large. The government of the United States has a very important obligation of assuring the peace of mind as well as the physical safety of the numerous Federal employees and members of the public who go to the Federal government facilities and buildings. Unfortunately, over the years, federal government leased/owned property has been susceptible to terrorism acts…show more content…
By FY2006, the agency’s real property portfolio consisted of approximately 8,847 structures and buildings, with a replacement value of approximately 68.8 billion dollars. Other than the General Services Administration, twenty-seven other federal agencies have autonomous leasing and landholding authorities, which assist them in constructing or acquiring particular kinds of buildings. The General Services Administration is in charge of the construction as well as design of its buildings, in addition to being in charge of repairs and alterations to facilities that are already in existence. Assuring federal employees’ physical safety as well as that of the private nationals who frequent buildings that the federal government has leased or owns is a prime goal of the General Services Administration (Smith, 2). However, before the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 19 April 1995, the federal government had not officially instituted security standards for federally owned/leased facilities. Nevertheless, immediately after the bombing, the then president, President William J. Clinton, gave directions to the department of justice (DOJ) to review the susceptibility of federal facilities to violence or terrorist attacks and to develop recommendations…show more content…
They also proposed minimum-security standards for federal facilities. In addition, the deputies of the United State’s Marshals Service together with General Service Administration (GSA) the Profile Committee carried out inspections in over 1,200 federal facilities in order to get security information on buildings, which they would use in the improvement of the prevailing conditions to go along with the proposed minimum standards. The working groups came up with the Vulnerability Assessment of Federal Facilities, an important report that represented the first time that broad security standards were employed to federal facilities. Following the issuance of the report, President Clinton gave directives that all executive branch agencies start upgrading their facilities in order to meet the recommended minimum-security standards. The president also directed the General Service Administration to set up building security committees for all General Service Administration’s facilities (Smith,

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