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Homeland Security 1 Running Head: Homeland Security The Impact of the Federal Homeland Security Act on State and Local Governments Eric Jones Homeland Security 2 The Impact of the Federal Homeland Security Act on State and Local Governments The events of September 11 may have put the Federal Homeland Security Act on the forefront of people’s mind, but in actuality the inception of Homeland Security came long before the terrorist attacks on our nation. The proposal for a Homeland Security Department originated in 1998 with the launching of the Hart-Rudman Commission, officially called the United States Commission on National Security/21st Century. The Executive Summary 4 of the Commission Report…show more content…
Critics also said the bill would provide a blueprint for the establishment of police state and “Big Brother” tactics, doing away with civil liberties by opening the door to widespread electronic surveillance, and constraining personal freedom. For example, anyone identified as a terrorist or even a possible associate of a terrorist might be subject to surveillance, interrogation and secret detention. If the president determined the suspect is an “enemy combatant,” that person – even a U.S. citizen- may be held indefinitely, without access to a lawyer or family members. If the suspect had visa status, he/she might be interrogated and then deported after a secret meeting. Overall, the impact on personal freedoms would depend on the person involved (Van Bergen,…show more content…
The cities, chosen because of population density, critical infrastructure and threat/vulnerability assessment include, New York City, New York; Washington, D.C., national capital region; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco, California and Houston, Texas (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2003). The war on terrorism is expensive for state and local governments. In fact, according to a survey conducted in June 2002 by Deloitte Consulting, Inc., homeland security expenditures by state and local governments could range between $ 98 billion and $138 billion by the end of 2003, or between $340 and $480 for every American. Increased governmental responsibilities and possible economic growth are becoming less because of the lack of government revenue. And while there are countless reasons for the declining surplus, state and local officials blame the weak economy and increased spending for homeland security (Childress,

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