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Running head: FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT LAWS Federal Employment Laws Mareo Crowell Business Law Bus/415 Barron Yanaga University of Phoenix June 22, 2009 Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 This is a historical legislation because it did not allow for segregation in the US schools and public places. Before this only the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution provided some protection. The bill for this law had been introduced by President John F. Kennedy in his civil rights speech in 1963 where he asked for a law that gave all Americans the right to be served in facilities that are open to public. The above discussed legislation has been effective in reducing discrimination based on color, race, sex, national origin and religion…show more content…
It prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions. In other words, women who are affected by pregnancy must be treated at par with other employees or applicants for a position. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act disallows employers from refusing a position to a woman because she is pregnant if she is able to perform her major job functions (Cheeseman, 2007). In other words, this act has been effective in reducing prejudice against women on the basis of pregnancy. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act gives women the right to start a group or a union, nor does it disallow joining of a union (Cheeseman, 2007). The act covers women who have joined a union. A collective bargaining agreement cannot be used to reduce benefits under the…show more content…
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was made in 1967 and it prohibits discrimination against people over 40 years of age or older in the US (Cheeseman, 2007). The law sets standards for pensions/benefits. This law has been successful in reducing discrimination related to hiring, promotions, wages and layoffs. It also prevents mention of age in job ads and has stopped companies from imposing compulsory retirement in a large number of sectors. Employers have in most industries been stopped from discrimination against employees over 40 years of age. One employee of the age of 61 was dismissed on frivolous charges. He complained to the EEOC and was reinstated. The employee was also a member of the union, he could have registered his complaint through the union and it would have also received a favorable ruling. Had the employee been a contract worker, he would have received the same protection from the

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