Federal Americans With Disabilities Act Essay

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U.S. Jobs at Risk Dawn Zuehlke Rasmussen College Authors Note This research is being submitted on November 20, 2011 for Samone Norsworthy B371 Research and Report Writing course at Rasmussen College U.S. Jobs at Risk Our country has gone through many economic changes in the past several years that have affected employment and led to the increase in outsourcing and offshoring. Even though outsourcing and offshoring are not a new phenomenon, it has become a highly debated topic. Many of the questions that are being voiced are which service jobs will be affected most? What are the most likely effects of service-sector offshoring on U.S. output, employment, and, most important, our standard of living? This paper will examine both sides of the debate ending with the opinion that outsourcing and offshoring is damaging the American economy by sending too many jobs out of the country. There are many resources that can be used to examine outsourcing and offshoring in determining the effects it has on the U.S. economy and loss of jobs. These include articles found on the Internet such as news articles and scholarly sites such as EBSCO Publishing and Proquest, as well as in many textbooks. There are many opinions about outsourcing/offshoring from supporters that are for this practice and supporters that are against the use. The first thing that will be examined is the definition for outsourcing and offshoring. According to Tanner and Raymond (n.d.), authors of Principles of Marketing, many companies will research their supply chains in order to find a corporation or supplier firm that can give them the most value for their products at the least cost. If the new corporation or supplier firm is able to add more value by doing one of the company’s functions, they will then outsource the function to the new corporation. The technical definition of outsourcing is,

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