Features Of Spoken Voice Essay

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Extract 1 is an example of interactional talk as Karl Pilkington enjoys a humorous conversation by socialising with the audience via the camera. The style of programme which Karl is appearing in (Sky 1’s ‘An Idiot Abroad) is conversational and informal, and so therefor aimed at a younger audience. Extract 2 shows another example of interactional talk. The transcript between Billy Connolly and Roxanne is spoken in a very informal and friendly way, and is aimed at an older audience. In this dialogue, we can notice a constant use of non-standard grammar. Billy Connolly conducts a chatty and casual interview with Roxanne. The conversation contains many features of spoken language and is incredibly relaxed throughout. Two main features of Pilkington’s speech is his frequent use of “dialect”. Karl Pilkington speaks with a Manchurian accent, so the way in which he pronounces particular words will reflect his Northern roots. Like Pilkington, Billy Connolly’s accent and dialect reflect the comic’s Scottish roots. Both Billy Connolly and interviewee Roxanne come from very different backgrounds. Billy speaks with a Glaswegian accent, while Roxanne is the last and only resident of Glenrio. The biggest clue to Billy Connolly’s background is given away in the first sentence, ‘Go an have a wee word with her I think’. He omits the last letter of the word ‘and’ making an abbreviation which is a key feature of his speech and denotes his Scottish accent. The use of dialect is evident throughout the transcript in many occasions when words such as ‘groceries’, ‘ye’ and ‘gas station’ are used. The difference in backgrounds makes it interesting to pick out the different features, and notice how each speaker may pronounce a particular word or phrase. “Slang”, “elision” and “fillers” are key features which are found in Extract 1. Fillers can be noticed in lines 13 and 22, when

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