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Dale Hansen, running city to city, only to get hired and fired has gone through so much in his life into becoming a well successful sports caster shares his life journey with Duncanville’s journalism class. As a young teenager Dale Hansen was a sophomore basketball star but flunked every class he took. After high school he had gone to the Navy, then became a bill collector, employment agency counselor, foods sales man, and again a bill collector. Yet through all these jobs, he was fired from each and every one of them. Dale then went to a trade school in Milwaukee Wisconsin only to become a radio disk jockey. “I’ve lived-and I never denied this, and I don’t mean this as arrogant as it might sound to some of you-I’ve lived a very, very lucky life.” Dale Hanson said. Working at KCOB Newton, Iowa being a radio disk jockey, he had discovered spinning the same records and telling Farm Market Reports everyday wasn’t one of the best jobs there were, and got fired. “I went to Knoxville, Iowa, I got fired in Knoxville, Iowa. I went to St. Cloud Minnesota-The worst state in the union in my opinion- I got fired, I went to Coil Radio in Omaha, Nebraska I got fired at Coil in Omaha, Nebraska.” Dale said. After all the tough struggle in finding a stable job, He walked into a TV station were no job was given to him to become news reporter without a college degree. But then, the offer was given to him to the weekend sports caster in Omaha Nebraska. A couple of years later he was fired yet again. On his search for a job he came to Dallas, Texas to work at Channel four. “It’s a crazy life guys, it’s a crazy life that I’ve lived, but I tell you it all starts from a very simple principle That an engrlish teacher of mine named frank taught me a long time ago, I don’t ever allow anybody to tell me what I can or cannot achieve, I never allow

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