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Read the feature article below, taking note of: * How the Lead hooks readers * How the components of the Theme are included * How the body paragraphs move through the PECL process * How the writer slips between 1st/2nd/3rd person * The use of persuasive devices for impact on the reader, including rhetorical questions, symbol, repetition etc. * Manipulation of a persuasive, engaging and conversational (bit still sophisticated) tone * The incorporation of evidence from the focus text in the form of examples and quotations * How direct evidence is referenced * How intertextuality is dealt with explicitly and implicitly * How a knowledge of Romanticism is woven throughout the article * The use of transitory paragraphs * The inclusion of generic conventions including the headline, subheading, text pull-outs and images * How the components of the Kicker are included and how it links to the Lead * 880 maximum * 540 minimum Up in Smoke Deciding who lit the fire of tragedy in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Madeleine Bowater investigates. Byline We’ve all heard the age-old warning that when you play with fire, you’ll get burned; but good ol’ Victor Frankenstein must have missed the memo because this ignorant scientist could very well be called an arsonist. Lead In her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley reveals to readers, with an obviousness so glaring it can almost be considered over-coding, the dangers involved in obsessively pursuing knowledge and disobeying the laws of Nature. Basic plot overview and invited reading. Readers often judge Frankenstein’s actions pretty harshly, and so they should, because he’s the only one we should be condemning for the numerous tragedies that occur throughout the novel. Thesis Firstly, he CREATES a monster. Then, genius that he is, he decides that he made it

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