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Feature Article PURPOSE As you move through the assignment sequence of English 101, you are asked to draw from different sources to gain material for your writing. The personal narrative asked you to draw from you own experience and to write from a first person point of view. This second assignment, a feature article, asks you to draw primarily from your own observations and from a source outside yourself—another person. For this project you will choose a place, organization, or event at West Virginia University or within Morgantown. You might look closely at a particular place (e.g. the stadium, the farmer’s market, the library), or you might look carefully at a particular organization or group (e.g. the WVU band, a student organization on campus), or you might create a behind-the-scenes look at a local artistic or theatrical event. You will need to report objectively, so be sure you are positioned as an outside observer. That means that you cannot write about something you already know well (like a group you already belong to or a place you frequent regularly). Instead, pick something intriguing that you would like to know more about. Also be sure that you choose a topic that will allow you to interview someone. RESEARCH To get the information you need to write your article, you need to • Find at least one source about your event or organization. Look in Lexis-Nexis and online for newspaper articles and websites. Print information from programs, advertisements, or brochures will also work. • Propose your project to your teacher. • Attend the place or event or visit the organization while people are in action. Take notes about your personal observations (what people and places look like, things you hear people say, as well as anything else interesting you notice). • Conduct an interview with one person or several people

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