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Lanay Montgomery Pan ENGL 101-45 3 October 2012 Flag Instead of Pads When most people think of football they automatically think of shoulder pads, rib pads, jock strap, tight spandex pants and hardnosed guys. Well this article will focus on the Flag side of football where one does not have to be very tough and able to take a hard hit to run with a football. On the campus of West Virginia University there are a number of intramural sports played and flag football happens to be one of them. I decided I was going to take a little interest in this sport and find out more information about the background and the rules of the game. The only background I have with flag football is watching my younger brother play when he was eight years old. That was about six years ago and I am pretty sure the rules of the game are fixed for the appropriate age group. The flag football intramural sport played at West Virginia University involves college students who want to be active, enjoy flag football, and just want to have fun. Flag football is also known as touch football. Flag football has been around for as long as tackle. However the first organized league started in the 1930’s and soon developed in the 1940’s as a recreational sport for military personnel. Soon after flag football began as a recreational sport in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Flag football was based off of softball league format. The national flag football league birthplace was St. Louis, Missouri. The first league was known as the National Touch Football League. The National Touch Football League began in the 1960’s and has played a national championship ever since 1971. This league also introduced the first standardized rulebook and a Hall of Fame. The college intramural game in the 1960’s and 1970’s consisted of a seven-man game with contact, which is completely different from today’s non-contact game. In

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