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A small sign protruded amidst a jungle of concrete as I was driving across the Gateway Bridge this morning. The miniscule sign advised 100,000 drivers daily that this bridge was no longer called the ‘Gateway Bridge’, instead, it is known as the ‘Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge’. Prompting a rather simple question: Who is Sir Leo Hielscher? Why did the Brisbane City Council change the name of a well established motorway to a name that remains unknown to the majority of drivers travelling across the bridge, only wanting to get to work on time? Serving in the public sector for a whopping sixty-eight years, Hielscher oversaw the development of several crucial institutions in Brisbane. Including, the Griffith University, the establishment of the Queensland Theatre company and the development of the casino industry. Sir Leo Hielscher is a generous and selfless contributor to Brisbane City, and is amongst a number of other relatively unknown individuals that have contributed greatly to the development of Brisbane. With the renaming of a number of Brisbane’s landmarks such as bridges, buildings and sites, the city’s true roots are finally being acknowledged by honouring those who have spent their lives working for the greater good of Brisbane. Among these are the “James and Mary Emilia Centre” at the University of Queensland, the Clem Jones 7 Tunnel and Centre and finally the newly renamed “Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge”. As I’ve pointed out, many special individuals have contributed to the development of the City of Brisbane. While I have only named a handful, countless Brisbanites are unaware of these remarkable people that the City has been hiding. With the renaming of key landmarks in honour of these people, we are finally acknowledging the contribution of these unsung

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