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Marissa Poulin EH112-H September 23, 2013 The Day the Panthers Won The air smelled like flowers and there was a cool breeze blowing across the player’s jerseys making their purple material flap in the wind. They were all crouched down with gloves in hand waiting for the ping of the ball on the bat and waiting to make their first moves. On second base Marissa was ready. She knew that ball was heading right for her and she was prepared. She kept one eye on first base and one eye on the ball. “Be ready” the coach yelled. She nodded her head and focused hard, all noises faded away. She heard the crack of the bat and she was running. Working like a well-oiled machine all the players were running making sure to back everyone up so that the ball was sure to make an out. A million thoughts and different plays were running through her head. She felt the dirt under her feet and in her cleats grinding into her heels but the only thing on her mind was getting that out. “Keep those gloves up” yelled the coach. He took off his hat with nervous fear. If Marissa made this play they would win the game. She grabbed the ball off the ground and ran to second base to tag out the runner. She straddled the bag as the runner cam in feet first kicking up dust. The runner’s cleats connected with Marissa with a crack. The second base player was on the ground grabbing her knee, blood pouring from it. She then did something amazing, she came up on her knees and threw the ball to first base. In that moment everyone was holding their breath. All the parents in the stands were screaming and up on their feet. All you could hear was, “GO PANTHERS! GO PANTHERS!” As the ball cut through the air her eyes followed it with nervous tension. She knew if first base caught the ball the Panthers would win. She was nervous and excited and in pain all at the same time. The nerves were

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