Feathers and Phishing Essay

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Revised using 7-13 and 7-20 “Feathers and Phishing” By: Anna Ervin “I have a confession!” Those were often the words you uttered throughout the duration of your course. You have to confess that IFSM 304, Ethics in Information System Management and Technology was not the first thing on your “Things to Do” list for this last semester at University of Maryland University College. You had been enrolled in a Western Art History class however a few days prior to the start of the course, it was canceled. You knew there would be a limited selection of courses to choose from on such a short notice, but you kept your hopes high. When you addressed this with your counselor, she very quickly and in such a peppy little voice, recommended you take IFSM 304 as that was the only available course she had left. Just coming off the heels of completing IFSM 201 the previous semester, your pulse was still rapid and your breathing still labored as you found that course to be very stressfully challenging but very informative. You received an “A” in the course but found that you were very much intimidated by it. You were officially stressing! “Ugh!” Was your first thought! Your second thought was, “No Way – I Won’t, I Won’t, I Won’t take it – No Way-No How ! – I am NOT a glutton for punishment” You were like a stubborn donkey sitting in the middle of the road refusing to go to market. Your arms crossed your chest, your brows were furrowed and your mouth was fixed in a nasty snarl as you were determined not to budge on this computer idea. Your spunky sub-conscience gave you this “pep” talk and told you, “Go Ahead! Do It! Step outside your comfort zone, expaaaaaaaaaaaand your educational horizon (as she placed special emphasis on the “aaaand” in her snooty, mocking and challenging tone), and Oh! By the way, stop being a wimp!” Your wimpy

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