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|[pic] |Competitive Positioning Strategy & Action Plan | In many companies, strategy still lives in the owner or executive leaderships’ minds and isn’t committed to paper. The tough part isn’t coming up with the high-level strategy; it’s refining the strategy, adding the details and aligning that strategy with the right business activities to make it a reality. It’s the execution part that’s the toughest. Business growth strategy starts with a strong competitive positioning strategy in the marketplace. Everything else flows from here. This exercise summarizes exercises 1 – 5 in Competitive Positioning to help you create a clear picture of your company’s positioning in the marketplace and outline where you want to go in the future. When completed, you’ll have a visual display of your current position in the marketplace, have considered where you’d like to be in the future and have outlined the requirements to get there. You’ll notice that many of the fields pull from previous exercises. Have them handy for reference. It’s good to rewrite the information in this plan: it anchors it and helps to show how all the components are aligned. Summary |exercise summary | | |When to Address |This is the last exercise in the Competitive Positioning subject, and summarizes your competitive | | |positioning strategy. | | | | | |Address it whenever you need

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