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Search Explore 0CommentLinkEmbedZoomof 14Readcast0 inShare 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION 2.0 Management Summary Feasibility Study 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Purpose The purpose of website is established fact that Internet users are increasingtoday . One of the main purposes of the website is to facilitate the o ffline customer online because customers can not spend their precious time in markets trying to fi nd out the best deal . Th e website will deal in four dimensions Hajj, Umrah, Business Visas and tours to all major countries. Through website we will provide different services in four dimensions services like S ell a product .P resent information on a query .M ake an announcement .I nform people about our self .C reate a forum that addresses a certain issue .D eliver news on a particular subject. 1.2 Scope The scope of the website is in Pakistan . I n beginning we will operate fromselective cities in Pakistan where service can easily be provided. Website will deal will serve only in service and information providing . 1.3 System Overview Website will be dynamic and it will work like: 2.0 Management Summary Feasibility Study Diagramshows that user (U) will interact with website (w) andinsert their requirement in it. After inserting web devel o pers will send it to Tour operators inthe mentioned city .Collecting info from Tour operator web developer will send it to User back in one file. Our customer are defined according to website objectives (Small business owners, Retailers and daily customers) . 1.4 Project References These were the following links that were used in the preparation of the feasibility report. T ravel and Tours (Hajj, Umrah, Hotel and Business Visas ) Express

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