The Fear We Created

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The Fear We Created “We are all from this earth, and to her, we all shall return. Such is life” From an unknown source. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s essay “On the Fear of Death” seems, to me, incomplete. It shed little light on the subject of the fear of death. Instead focuses more on the social interaction of those dealing with the death. In her essay she writes “death is still a fearful, frightening happening, and the fear of death is a universal fear even if we think we have mastered it on many levels.” I feel this statement is flawed, in many ways. It puts us all on the same playing field. But that is unrealistic. None of us deal with things the same. As we progress through our lives, our experiences shape who we are. Religion, cultural heritage, and society are all major influences in how one views the world .Since we all are not from the same family, practicing the same religion, in the same neighborhood. The “fear” is not that “universal”. I find it hard to talk about death without religion getting in the way. So let’s get it out of the way first, shall we. Religion, like death, is world wide and it’s unavoidable. Religious beliefs strongly influence how someone views death, no matter what religion you choose to fallow. Religion is the source of many fears of death. Almost every religion tells you to live your life a certain way. Follow their path and your reword will be great in the after-life. Stray from this path you will be punished. Since no one is perfect, this judgment upon death becomes a scary thing. So frightening to some that they dedicate there lives to obtaining this great reword. At the same time they are feeding their own fear of death with doubts. Uncertainties about choices they make, the way they act, feel, think and even live are some examples of death attributed fears derived from religion. There are a few religions the teach
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