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Fear of Reading Aloud I am sitting under the dryer in the salon shop when the thought of my fear of reading aloud in elementary school impresses on me. I remember being in the fifth grade, afraid of reading my social studies report on the geography of the fifty states. I’m sitting in the back of the classroom, dreading for my name to be called. I have major case of cotton mouth, and my palms are sweating so much. Then it’s my turn to read my report. I have to stand in front of the class. I freeze up. I don’t want to read because I’m scared of stumbling over words and being laughed about. I had made hand drawn pictures of all the states, and all the details in each and everyone. The details ranged from the rivers, to crops produced by each and state to the population and major resource for that state. It was so colorful; I had the state bird, flower, tree, flag, and song for each one. I learned a lot from doing that project, too. The teacher says, “If you don’t read aloud, you’ll fail.” I still refuse to read. I return to my seat, and mad like a bee getting hit. Because I refused to read my report on the last day of school, I lost 50% of my final grade and failed fifth grade. I was too naïve to realize the consequences of this early failure on my academic future. So I didn’t worry about failing or having to repeat half of fifth grade. My fear of reading started very early, though I don’t remember my exact age, but I was no bigger than the height of a dining room table. I was living with my mom in a homeless shelter, which was crowded and noisy. I remember kids running around everywhere. I remember sitting in a corner, trying to read “Green Eggs and Ham”, a book that was sitting on a table. I was trying to sound out the words, stumbling over words, making up words and stuttering over ever word I didn’t know. The other kids was pointing

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