Fear in Lord of the Flies

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Fear, a factor in the collapse of society In the book, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a group of boys, all of whom are around the age of six to twelve; need to survive a plane crash and land on a deserted island. They find themselves stranded on the island and have no figure of authority to neither order nor guide them, the boys set up their own society. Holding on to the hope of a rescue, the boys will need to survive, co-exist, and organize themselves as to avoid conflict and to hold on to some sense of civilization and sanity. With no actual figure to hide behind, the primitive instincts of mankind are easily awakened and fear quickly destabilizes the society. Fear is a negative emotion and base instinct which is most commonly felt when one is confronted by something one does not understand and leads to irrationality, abandonment of morality and embracement of chaos. The boys rely on their base instincts and emotions as a guide in many of their decisions and rationality hardly ever takes hold in the boys’ mind. For the boys, old enough to draw their own conclusions, old enough to hold a certain concept of rationality and morality, yet young enough to believe in monsters, a single fearful thought without someone to assure the boys whether it is ridiculous or not, can plague their minds. First, the talk of the “beastie”, a beast which can also kill and hunt, on the island, leads to the slow and gradual decline of the boys’ fragile society. First mention of the beastie is put out by a “lil’un” or a member of the boys who aren’t able to hunt yet. Continuous mention of the beast easily spreads the fear around faster than the Black Plague. Only a few of the boys reject the idea that the beast exists and the few attempt to reassure with those who fear the beast that it doesn’t exist. As evidenced by what Piggy says,” I know there isn’t no beast- not
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