Fear in Film Essay

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Critique Observation Organizer Title of film: The Sixth Sense Review #1 1. Critic: Roger Ebert 2. Title of Critique: The Sixth Sense(1999) 3. Provide a basic outline of the critic’s article. Mr. Ebert starts the article off by giving you a brief background of the movie. Telling you that the movie is "more of a ghost story of the sort that flourished years ago, when ordinary people glimpsed hidden dimensions." Next he gives a brief description of each character and gives some details on each of their roles in the movie. Finally Mr. Ebert tells the reader how he "was blind-sided by the ending." He states how there were hints throughout the movie that he completely missed due to the "puzzlement" of the film. 4. Summarize his or her evaluation of the film in one sentence. Mr. Ebert felt the movie was so well done that you don't even realize until the end that one of the main characters was actually a ghost himself. 5. Choose specific language from the review that helps you understand the film critic's attitude. Explain how those quotations create the author's tone you hear as you read the critique. "I have to admit I was blind-sided by the ending.", "The very boldness of the storytelling carried me right past the crucial hints and right through to the end of the film, Where everything takes on an intriguing new dimension." The quotes take on a positive tone about how the movie carried him on unto the end of the film. The quotes explain sympathetically how the movie left him with a feeling of suspense, that he didn't think would actually work when he first heard about the film. Review #2 1. Critic: Mick LaSalle 2. Title of Critique: Boy Is Dead-On Amazing in "Sixth Sense" Thriller 3. Provide a basic outline of the critic’s article. Mick LaSalle gives his praises to the acting skills of 11 year old Haley Joel Osment. He talks

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