Fear Of Death

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Why do people have such fear in the word death? Well, I am sure you can answer that question in your own way. Many people think that death has to be a scarey thing, but it does not. Everyone is going to go through it one way or another, but the thing is that nobody wants to. Death is a universal fear, but some people feel guilt and anger over it. A logical reason why people fear death of a loved one, or themselves, is because they do not want to leave the things that are important to them. Also, many older people become lonely and impersonal when they have no family left. Some people, on the other hand, do not fear death. It could be because they have accomplished their goals in life, and they have lived their life to the fullest. It could also be because they believe God will take you when it is your time. There are many factors why people are scared of death, and why some people are fine with it, and it all depends on what you believe in. Experience in death can change your perception in the way you feel about it. For me, I have experience a tragic death. When I was six years old, my father died. This relates to the fear of death, because I had a misunderstanding of it. I knew that people died, but I realy did not know that you could not see them again. I believe that because I did not quite understand, that it was hard for me to go through things after his death. On the other hand, my sister was ten years old, so it was easier for her to understand what was going on. In the story, “On the Fear of Death,” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, she talks about children and what they know about death. She also explained that kids usually do not understand that they will not be able to see that person again, and that is exactly how I felt. Death may come with blame in some cases. And for me, I felt that with my mother. Now that I am older and know everything that had
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