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Acrophobia Many people suffer from a fear of heights. If you are one of them there is no reason to feel all alone. Acrophobia is a phobia that is more common than people would like to admit. Some people are not even aware of their phobia for heights until they are faced with a situation that brings the fear to light. One of the reasons that people would deny their fear of heights phobia is that they are deathly afraid of fear itself. These people move on in spite of their acrophobia, and for good reason. They fear the fear of heights. Exchanging your phobia of heights for this kind of fear just might be the solution you need. Here are five reasons why you should be afraid of acrophobia When you suffer from height fear there are many things that you are never going to be able to do. You may feel safe and sound on the ground, but acrophobia is really doing you some damage. The fear of heights does not serve to keep people safe. There have been many instances in those with no fear of heights were the only ones to survive a disaster. There are some people who serve their acrophobia to the point that when faced with the choice of being at a great height or death they chose the latter. You should be horribly fearful of having a fear of heights because of the way it limits you. The fear of heights is a phobia that not only limits your physical ability, but is also can limit your social skills. Those who suffer from phobia of heights cannot participate in related group activities. This is very difficult for parents of adventurous children who love amusement parks, mountain climbing, or even taking an elevator to the roof of a tall building. With acrophobia you are left out of doing many fun activities with family and friend’s. This limitation can have a negative effect on your relationship overall. A phobia to heights is also very unhealthy. Being fearful can cause

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