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Fear is inevitable for everyone. No one can eliminate fear from his heart. At one point or the other, an individual is faced with challenging situations that require good decision making. Fear may occur when people face trials and difficulties. It can also be a feeling when normal faculties get damped and a sense of helplessness develops. Fear can prevent people from achieving their goals in life, and can make them lose their sense of life. Although, fear has its advantages, one would realize that later that the effects of fear are unfavorable. I have experienced fear regarding decision making. Several times, I was faced with several options to the extent that I was usually fearful of the outcome of the choice I might make. After securing admission to a college in the United States, I was scheduled for an F-1 visa interview at the American embassy in my country. Unfortunately for me, my interview date coincided with my home based examination in securing admission into a university in my country. I was fearful because I only had a choice to make regarding what college to attend. I eventually decided to attend the visa interview. My eleven friends and I went together to the visa interview. I anxiously sat in the waiting room, anticipating my own turn of the interview. An intense fear gripped me when I saw that all my friends were denied by the consular in charge of the student’s visa interview. I was later called. The consular in charge of my interview asked me one subsequent question, after asking me for the goals I intend to accomplish after completing my studies in the United States. Are you scared? The consular asked. I replied by saying that no one in the interview room was as confident as I was. She smiled and eventually approved my visa. Fear limits our self-esteem and makes us not to be confident of ourselves. It also makes us have a lot of misconceptions.

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