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My Most Frightening Day One frequently asked question in life is, “What’s the most terrifying/frightening/ scariest experience you’ve ever encountered?” Many will respond with a death in the family, or having to deal with an animal. However in my case, the most frightful event that I have ever experienced occurred when I was just a child, and a clown was involved. For a brief insight, I was still seven and on the following day I was going to be 8. Throughout the whole day I was all over the place and very ecstatic and overflowing with energy since my birthday was right around the corner. I vaguely remember going to school and having trouble focusing in class and lacking in participation. After school, I headed to my friends house to release my nerves and have fun. Eventually, I had to leave and headed back home for dinner. Upon arriving, my brother was right the front door hiding, and scared me. Though this was common, my brother found it amusing and entertaining whenever he could scare me. It’s as if he lived off scaring me. He never cared for the consequences that were waiting for me every time he scared me; the joy he got was well worth it for him. After his little stunt, he walked away laughing, leaving me tensed up. Soon afterwards the thought of my birthday being the next day brought my happiness back. Evening came, and my family and I were having dinner. Then my parents had informed me that they were going to throw me a party out in our backyard and that I was allowed to invite all of my friends, which of course made me even more happy. My bedtime was nearing soon, and I was ready to sleep. Unfortunately my brother invited me to join him in watching a scary movie called Captain Spaulding, which was about a jaded sociopath who is dressed up as a clown. I despised clowns. Every time I saw one, I felt very uncomfortable and extremely nervous, as if

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