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Fear can motivate people to do many things. Fear can make one do things they had never imagined, it can stop one from doing certain things, but it can also get one started on doing something. In many cases, one is scared due to the lack of something, but in some cases, one is scared due to the overwhelming amount of power one is given. It was once said that “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” (Coach Carter). Fear is what controls you. It is the answer to all your doings. In my case, fear got me to slow down on the road, abide by the law, and drive the speed limit that is given. It was mildly warm, bright day. The date was November second, 2008, on a Sunday. I had received a call at 10:12 in the morning from my youth pastor, informing me that I had to be at church by 10:30 because he needed my guitar to lead praise (service normally starts at 12 for me). It normally takes me about 10 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes to get to church, but I got ready in less than 5 minutes and dashed out the big door up front and into the dirty civic that I own. I was about 10 minutes into my lonesome drive, and I was going about 55 on a 35 but as soon as I saw a cop car coming at me on the opposite direction, I slowed way down to 48, but that wasn’t good enough. The cop had made a u-turn and followed me all the way to the free way. As those shiny red, white, and blue lights were going off in my rear view mirror, the only thought that really crossed my mind was, “I am SO screwed.” I don’t know how, but those simple yet intimidating red, white, and blue lights striked more fear into me than the fear I had of the dark, as a child. As the officer got out of his vehicle and headed towards my car, the fear of getting in trouble by my parents struck me. Even the thought of running from the cops crossed my mind. I

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