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Fear Essay

  • Submitted by: jduffy1974
  • on October 3, 2012
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On April 15, 1986 I stared intently at the night sky through a skylight from my twin size bed in Rutland, watching for the fiery explosion of missiles and bombs, praying to God that I wouldn’t die that night. I had seen bits and pieces of the news about the United States attack on Libya, knew Gadaffi was a bad guy, and saw my parents engrossed in this turn of events. As an eleven year old girl with a tendency to worry too much, I was paralyzed by fear. As I lay in bed weeping silently for the family and life I was convinced I was about to lose, I just prayed it would happen fast and not hurt too much. As we all know now, the whole mission was successful and we’re still here today. I remember this war as the day fear became my constant companion.
          As far back as I can remember, I worried about things excessively. In my own defense, I had a few traumatic experiences as a little girl. My fear of bad weather came from a day at the beach with family in the summer of 1979. A clear, hot day at Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York turned into a nightmare when dark, ominous clouds rolled in seemingly out of nowhere and we had to run through the woods with our belongings, my dad with the very important cooler and my fourteen year old uncle carrying me, to the car while lightning was crashing all around us. This will leave a mark on a child. This should begin a new paragraphOn a cool fall evening in 1982, my grandmother stood at the stove making soup for my brother and I while my mother got ready for her EMT class. From our third floor apartment in Worcester we heard panicked screams from the yard, “Fire! Fire!”.   While my mother took the time to get our coats and shoes, I took off by myself down the back stairs, leaving my family behind, certain I was going die a fiery death if I waited. My family, as well as the other two families in our house, made it out safely. This experience helped to feed the constant worry that gnawed at my insides most of the time....

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