Fear Essay

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I was stumbling, just seconds from shattering through the glass window of the bus as it swerved away from its route. It was a bright sun-shiny day with air, intense and concentrated, no less than ninety degrees. When I was in an excursion of the metropolis that afternoon, I was a carefree 12-yeal-old, but a short time later, my life changed forever. It was July 2002, when I was involved in a bus accident that nearly destroyed my life. Before the incident, I was an optimist who rarely experienced fear. Amid the scramble between life and death, I found out I was no longer optimistic, but a determined individual striving for survival every second. As soon as the bus rumbled into an underpass, my back stiffened at its shrill sound of metal scraping on metal. The bus was accelerating at a steady pace with sudden jerks by the driver. While we were sitting on the bus minding our own business, a gigantic thrust suddenly pitted us against each other from one side to another. All of the sudden, the bus had bumped into a waste master truck. The truck, evidently, weighted more and was voluminous considering our bus. The moment the bus hit the truck, my heartbeat raced as fast as a newborn. The bus started wobbling uncontrollably until it hit the wall and began to turn over. The walls were not only whitewashed, but were also installed with florescence lights. The illumination was ceased as a bulky tour bus crushed the lights. At the same time, I never felt so petrified in my life as I did the instance the bus driver fell out of her seat and passed out. Wires started sizzling and sparks flying. We all were screaming hysterically fumbling in darkness, struggling to make it out. The seats, detached by nuts and bolts, pressed against the tourists’ legs making it a burden to escape. The world went topsy-turvy, but I tried to calm myself down by repeating over and over: it was

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