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FEG-2 Total No. of Questions : 4] [Total No. of Printed Pages : 3 BDP/BCA/BTS Term-End Examination June, 2014 FEG-2 : FOUNDATION COURSE IN ENGLISH-2 Time : 2 Hours] Note :- Answer All questions. [Maximum Marks : 50 1 Write a composition in about 350 words on any one of the following : (a) Joint family system : a blessing for modem society. (b) The Changing face of cinema today. (c) Qualities that make a leader. (d) Great is the struggle and great is also the prize. 2. Write a paragraph is about 200 words on any one of the following : (a) Reasons to protect and preserve historical monuments.. (b) The importance of personal growing and hygiene. (c) Girls' Education and the family. (d) Child labour - a curse for the society. FEG-2 Turn Over 10 20 ( 2 ) .3. You are a newspaper reporter. Write a report of a halfmarathan organised by a mobile network service provider. Give details of the number of people, young and old, who participated, sponsors who advertised their products, incentives given to participants and other details related to arrangement by traffic police. Or A new school has been set up the village where your cousins live. They do not attend any school. Write a letter to your uncle, persuading him to admit his three children to the newly opened school emphasizing the advantages of education in today's world. 4. Summarize the following passage in not more than 100 words and give it a suitable title. There are a number of `wealths' other than the material wealth which relates to money and physical assets. But there is another important wealth which is not generally acknowledged and that is the inner wealth of our mind, our consciousness. This mind is like a wish-fulfilling jewel. If you know how to utilise this mind, it can produce the most beneficial effects. The best way to utilise and develop this mind is to absorb knowledge and the most

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