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Vincenzo Parratto Anabolic Steroids On, August 7, 2007, Barry Bonds smacked a home run into right field to pass Hank Aaron's home run record of 755. Even though Barry broke a MLB home run record some don't look at his performance as a true historic moment. Bonds was originally indicted in November 2007, but it took so long to get to trial in part because the government set off a four-year delay. He was seen in trial in February 2011, and in trial Bonds was found guilty of obstruction of justice, for lying under oath about using performance enhancing drugs. Some believe that to many young athletes, steroids may seem worth the risk because the headlines confirm that their favorite athlete made it to the top of their sport by using steroids. For many male high school athletes, pro athletes are big influences. They are these kids role models. I chose my football number because of my favorite. Young athletes copy their training regimens. They copy the way they play. And are influenced by their drug use. When a professional athlete admits to using steroids, the message young athletes hear is not always the one that is intended. Young athletes tend to believe that steroid use by their “superstar” role model gives them the right to use steroids too. They think its a big part in becoming a professional athlete. Steroid use may be viewed as a search for a competitive edge in athletics. In “ Anabolic Steroids: An Ethnographic Approach” Paul J. Goldstein states “ I suspect that if a pill or an injectable were available that was touted to guarantee such a competitive edge in business, or in grant writing, it would be used eagerly.” This is a strong statement because automatically it puts your perspective on steroids in retrospect. By stating this Paul J. Goldstein puts the way he feels athletes look at steroids, in a way that anyone would look at steroids if it were for

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