Fdr and the New Deal Essay

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Roberto Neto 3757768 AMH 2042 26 October 2014 Essay #2 On January 30, 1882 Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in the small city of Hyde Park, New York. At the age of 51, in March 1933, FDR was elected president during one of the lowest points of the Great Depression. On the night before his inauguration he instilled confidence and rallied the public when he told them "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Roosevelt began to win the trust and confidence of Americans through radio conversations he called “fireside chats”. Using this homier approach to reach the people, he asked them to refrain from hoarding cash, and on the first day of his presidency he closed all banks and ordered that Congress pass an emergency banking legislation. It was a situation that needed immediate attention. At this point, almost 13 million people were unemployed, and many were literally starving. As a response, FDR recommended the implementation of programs such as the Works Progress Administration that built public buildings and schools; the Civil Concentration Corps, where unmarried men, under direction from the Army, built roads and public; and The Tennessee Valley Authority, which built hydroelectric plants and dams for flood control on the river and for electricity. The Agricultural Adjustment Acts of 1933 and 1938 assisted in the promotion of reforestation and conservation of certain crops and supplies. Also, during FDR’s presidency, the accustomed gold standard was removed and the Social Security Act brought into action. This act provided retirement funds, disability insurance and unemployment compensation on a national scale. FDR also made that the value of the dollar was devalued to help stimulate trade with foreign countries and to support competitive practices in terms of business. With the New Deal in place, assistance was provided to businesses and farms and

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