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Fayth Wills Mrs. Cook LS 104 11 November 2013 My name is Fayth Lorrante Wills. I was born in Cartersville, Georgia on August 11, 1995. I am eighteen years old and I am the only child on my mom’s side, but I have a little sister and a little brother on the way on my dad’s side. This is my first year in college and so far this has been a learning experience and somewhat of a struggle for me just being on my own. My family has a very large impact on the decisions I make dealing with my future. I’ve lived with my grandmother since I was in the seventh grade and she’s more like a mother to me. Her input matters most to me in a way because she has been there for me basically my whole life. My dad is in the Air Force and has been since I was born. I’ve lived with him before and I want to make him happy but sometimes we just do not see eye to eye. My mother is a flight attendant and she is always flying but somehow she always manages to be there for me when I need her most. My parents have not been together since I was a little girl but I still value their opinion as a whole.…show more content…
I have had other schools that I wanted to attend but this one just stuck because I would be able to get a taste of responsibility and learn how to be on my own. I like how the university is in a different state but it is also close to home, but that is about the only thing I like here. I probably won’t be coming back next fall just because I feel isolated here and I miss home a little bit. I have not chosen a school to transfer to but I am looking at either Kennesaw State University or Georgia State University. My parents would like for me to go to GSU but I would like to go to KSU where I know my surroundings. Sometimes you just have to compromise to see eye to
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