Favouritism Essay

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Faculties of NSU are the most highly educated and well mannered as well as TAs. They have an intention to make people educated and to assist in academic purpose. But there are some students who are always trying to pamper the faculties and TAs for their own benefit. This is an egoism type of unethical activity. Because of some students does this type of activity, other normal students tend to follow this unethical policy. As a result there is a rumor that says, if you want to get good grade then influence your faculty and TA with your buttering ability. Majority of the students are doing it. Whether they know it or do not know, they try to pamper their faculties. Thus, this pampering thing is getting worst. This type of students sometimes even ignores some other faculties only to pamper their beneficial faculties. Whereas students must respect their immediate faculty and other faculties, with whom they do not have courses. Now a day only because of pampering, some students are getting power to influence the faculty for some unethical issue. Moreover, Gender favoritism is a social and legal problem that has continued to be an on-going issue in our systems. A simple definition of gender favoritism, as related to technology, is when one sex is more favored over the other sex when dealing with the academic evaluation. Today, the problem lies between the males and females who are working with technology. Favoritism is like air. It is too difficult to find something fair. That is to be understood. Favoritism is to incline to one side or to give a particular direction to or to influence or to prejudice. A prejudice is a prejudgment, an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. Favoritism challenges the concept of fairness. Favoritism wins over such world. Even the super powers of any
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