My Favorite Singer: Justin Bieber

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Justin bieber is one of my favorite singers. He is very famous, so most of all people in the world know him, at least his name. I began to listen to his songs when I was recommended them by my friend. after that,I found out my heart nearly pumps quickly every time I hear his songs . I really like his voice as well as glamour performances. When I listen to his songs in the morning before I go out, I can feel cheerful and powerful. Her songs make me happy and energetic. there are two reason why I like him. first of all, his romantic songs about love such as “mistletoe” , ”one time” with nice melodies, warm words let me freely create my own romantic stories. perhaps, he has a large number of fan because of them. Bieber’s success is very rapid and now he is not only a musician but an actor and plans to become a writer. That is the second reason why I am a big fan of him. He is talented in spite of his youth.The young man is quite ambitious and will not give up until he conquers the music world.with a successful career, he might be the future of Michael Jackson, I believe that.…show more content…
But David Beckham is my most favourite one. I love his free kicks because they have great accuracy and the tremendous curve. For the first time I watched his playing, it was the match between Man United and Arsenal in English premier league. He scored goal by free kick in that match. after that,I am a huge fan of him.Beckham played for Man United and Real Madrid club which are the best teams in the world. Also he was captain of international England team for 6 years.He makes a lot of money every year from advertisements.however,he is not selfish.he gives a lot of time and money to ill children.Beckham’s great success in football is not only the reason that I became a fan of him. His fashion work and his kindness are the other things that I am interested in. He is an ambitious man with a strong

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