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Favourite Place Essay

  • Submitted by: traveler
  • on March 6, 2011
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I closed my eyes to picture the best place that I always loved to be at and without a doubt it is my grandfather’s house. The house is set in a small village called Kanjirapally, in the State of Kerala in southern India. A winding road with hydrangea flowers on both sides leads to a huge white house with an orange tiled slope roof, surrounded by trees some of which bear fruit. The smell of flowers and fruit lingers around the house. The mix of the fragrances of the fruits and flowers, and above all the time spent with my grandparents and cousins all come to mind.

I cherish my childhood days spent there on my vacations with a bunch of cousins               to play, fight, and gossip. I often played in the swing in the front yard that my grandfather made which he would push so hard that I felt I could touch the sky. Although I was bit scared at the time, I always trusted him and felt that he was always there to protect me so nothing would go wrong. As the swing slowly comes to a halt, I would see my grandfather going to work on his plants. I can vividly remember the smell of the water on the sun baked earth as he watered his plants. He sometimes playfully sprayed the water on me and would pretend to sincerely apologize saying that he didn’t see me.

There was a huge porch which acted like the transition from the outside to the inside and a large teak wood door leads to the the living room which always smelled of polished wood from the wooden ceiling and wooden furniture. The aroma was ever-present as my grandfather always felt the need to polish them. Among the other artifacts that filled the house were brass utensils, various antiques and a wooden baby's crib that belonged to my grandfather which was converted to a table. I often heard my grandfather telling the story of how he converted the crib to a table while entertaining his guests. The house had a huge attic and as kids, we loved that place. The attic was a secret getaway place from the grownups living...

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