Favorite Women Entertainers

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Introduction- In today’s current state people all over the world are becoming glued to their chairs. It’s not because of Elmer’s, but because of the beautiful women that are controlling the movies that we watch, along with mega stars arising from T.V. Thesis- The beauty of women does not only affect movies and T.V. it also affects the songs that we love to sing. I am not just talking about men, because women are also attracted to our lovely actresses and singers. Statement of Points- I will be giving some examples of my favorite female entertainers from movies, television, and music. Transition- Beautiful women play a major part in the movies that we choose to watch, me myself will watch any movie that Halle Berry makes an appearance in. Explanation- a. To me Halle Berry is different not only because she looks better that everybody in the whole movie. b. She always seems to make the movie better because she is so good at what she does. c. She broke into the national spot light after winning Miss Teen All American Pageant in 85 Transition- Moving on to music, music is something that we hear every day. No matter what you do it’s guaranteed that you will hear at least 1 song during the day. Explanation- a. Songs sound better when they have a beautiful face behind them. b. Bayonce make music sound better c. I don’t care what she is saying I would pay to see her in concert. d. She takes her job serious and does a good job. Transition- Moving on from music and on to Television, T.V. is something that I have to watch for at least an hour out of the day. Explanation- a. Stacey Dash makes me want to watch TV shows that do not interest me. b. She is older than what she looks and can play younger parts. c. Chooses good TV shows to play in Summing Up Statements- Entertainers play an important role in our lives if we know it or not. From Halle Berry
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