Favorable Aspects Of The Formulation Styles Essay

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Favorable Aspects of the Formulation Styles (CJ) The basic nine step decision making model, given enough time, is possibly the strongest tool for problem formulation and identification. Workers in an organization are not only able to identify and solve a problem using this style but can also formulate alternate solutions. This style is extremely thorough and does much to inspire confidence in the implementation process. The one drawback is that the process can be long and drawn out. Though the steps can be abbreviated, the adhesiveness of the process breaks down as steps are deleted; thereby, making the process less reliable. Since stakeholders are an important part to any business, keeping them informed is critical. When a problem comes is discovered, relevant information must be addressed to the appropriate stakeholder in a brief yet concise manner. Something is relevant when it is directly connected with and bears upon the issue at hand (Richard & Elder, 2006). In most organizations, problems that need to be addressed are to go through the proper chain of command. When going through the proper chain of commands, the issues are stated briefly and concisely, prioritized based on the level of impact, researched, documented and discussed in depth, and reported concisely to the next in command. Depending on the situation and organization, the higher one goes in the chain of command; the level of in depth details needed to move forward diminishes. In conclusion, the why-why diagram, adaptive planning, cause and effect, and the basic nine step decision making model are some of the decision making processes that an organization can use. Problem Identification Process

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