Is It Fault Of Television

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The enormous impact movies and television have had on our life and individual behavior, in general, is undeniable. It will turn to be even more conspicuous as modern technologies become more and more sophisticated, and so fascinated that their developments are literally far beyond people’s widest imagination. This indisputable fact gives rise to a controversial issue over whether movies and televisions are inherently detrimental to the youngsters’ growth. While a stockpile of advocates hold several supportive opinions, I would argue although movies and television own a range of probabilities to constitute a menace to some particular groups of people, it is not sensible to conclude that movies and television make more negative effects. It is truly admitted that movies and televisions, two of the most significant inventions due to the advancement of technology, have brought human beings, especially the young people, tremendous benefits since the beginning of last century. Not merely have they created more choices of entertainment, but they have also provided young people a lot of knowledge. Had not they been invented, we would still live in a narrow and close era and have no quick access to the fast changing world. If you could not watch various interesting TV programs as you are having meals; if you could not watch a movie of your favorite movie star with your family during the weekend, can you image what our lives would be? It is also admitted that movies and televisions have indeed brought some problems to our society, especially for young adults. Due to the intense curiosity and weak self-control ability, the youngsters are more likely to be addicted to the programs. According to an authoritative national survey, over about 40 percent of children, in China, spend most of their spare time on movies and televisions; as a consequence, they contribute less time
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