Fators Affect Blackberry's Costs

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The Market and Factors that Affect It In the cell phone market the consumer creates the demand by what they are willing to pay for. Companies respond to this demand by creating the supply. Demand and supply are influenced by a variety of factors. Some factors that influence the supply and demand in the cell phone market are the technological developments in different countries, people giving up their land lines, and the need to be socially connected through texting, email, or other features. Cell phones have increased the communication between the consumer and the business world, and have made it feasible to stay connected to the workplace while out of the office. Blackberry smartphones led the way in out of office communication when smartphone came on the scene over ten years ago. The Blackberry was a means to keep up with emails, to communicate with personnel all over the world, connect to the internet, and to transfer or view documents seamlessly while on the go. In the 21 century, the lead in smartphone sales that Blackberry once held has slipped away over the years as more capable smartphone have enter into the market. There are several factors that affect the supply, demand, and equilibrium prices in the market. The development of various countries has led to the availability of cell phones in the market as land lines decrease. Since there is a high demand for phones, there has been an increase in the supply of cell phone to the market. Each company tries to find its niche through marketing, adding features to their phones that the consumers demand, and pricing their phones to out sell the competition. Other factor are the need to stay connected, be it socially, work related, or for general knowledge. This too has created a demand for cellphones that can deliver the functionality demanded by the consumer. Manufacturers are providing consumers

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