Fatigue Workout Analysis

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Getting an strong and attractive body In order to obtain a strong body, one must lose fat, gain muscle. You can achieve this in many different ways. There are countless forms of exercise and great weight training programs available to everyone. You can also choose to hire private trainers, and attend group aerobics. You must also balance your workout between cardio, and weight resistance. You must allow adequate time for your body to heal before you work out again. And proper nutrition can boost healing time and quicken results. In the begging stages of your workout you will want to take it easy for the first week. When you begin your first day of training you will want to weight train before you do your cardio. This is because doing your…show more content…
There are three core weight training methods you can choose from. They include fatigue, mass, and strength workouts. If you decide to choose the fatigue workout, you will continue to lift high repetitions with low weight. This produces muscle that is resistant to fatigue, and is meant for longer periods of exercise. If you decide to take part in the mass building workout, you will be concentrating on building your muscle mass up. You will lift heavier weights for six to eight repetitions. This produces larger muscles, but your body will get physically used to this workout and you will have to shock it with one of the other workouts every six weeks, in order to keep your muscles metabolizing. If you skip this step your body will eventually plateau and you will not gain anymore muscle mass or strength. If you decide to choose the strength building workout, you will be trying to increase how much overall weight your muscles can lift in one rep. This workout involves very high weight, with very low repetitions. You will have to make sure that you incorporate a warm up week, since it is even more important due to the higher chance of injury that comes with lifting higher weights. If you decide that you would like to take part in the first workout, you must incorporate the slow twitch cardio workout to support fatigue prevention. If you decide that you would like to take part in either of the last two workouts, you will want to take part in the fast twitch cardio workout to support muscle strength and

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