Fatherless Child Essay

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You would never know I have such a complicated life by looking at me. I have a lot of stressful issues I deal with on the daily. My issues are dealing with my father. I believe Parents should always love and care about their children no matter what. As an adult who have kids they have responsibilities. This is to take care of the kids they have been blessed with. Often as a little girl I would spend all my time with my father until he started to go to jail more frequently in my life. Me being a girl I have always hoped and craved to be a “daddy’s girl”. For some strange reason I noticed my father didn’t care about staying out of jail so he could have a relationship with me. There was times where I honestly believed my father would put drugs and women before me. He often cheated on my mother and would bring me around random women. As hurtful as it is to say but I grew older and had to just deal with the pain. I had to go through life not having a father because he would rather live for him instead of me and be selfish. It wasn’t fair to me. As a nineteen year old strong young lady I have come to the conclusion that my father isn’t the best and he has never been a good father because of his lack of father skills. There’s multiple situations I can recall showing that my father didn’t do a well job at being my father. For example, one weekend my father and I spoke and we decided to spend time together and go visit my mother. My father and I was just leaving church. We went to 10 o’clock Sunday service together twice out of the month. After we left the church we headed to my mother’s house. We went in to spend time with her and enjoy some laughs. My father walked out the house and went outside to enjoy the bright day and fresh air. My mother and I stayed in the house and we spoke about life and the new things that were coming up in my life, like graduation and then

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