Father to the Fatherless Essay

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Sara Fabila CMST 54 C. Mosby 03-11-2013 1. Apply the communication competence model to the jury in the movie. Concentrate on the We-versus-Me orientation, skills and knowledge, appropriateness and effectiveness, sensitivity, commitment and ethics. Cite specific jurors and scenes as examples. (Ch. 1) According to the communication competence model by J. Dan Rothwell (2013), communication competence is engaging in communication with others that is both effective and appropriate within a given context (Spitzberg, 2000). In groups, our primary attention is on the group (we), not the individual (me). There are many benefits when group members assume We-orientation: helping others satisfy their goals creates an environment conducive to the satisfaction of your own goals. For instance, in the motion picture, Twelve Angry Men (1957), juror 8, played by Henry Fonda, was both effective and appropriate in his communication style because he did not set himself apart from the group’s objective which was to go over the evidence piece by piece and give the defendant a fair trial. He did not approach the matter as though he was right and the others were wrong, instead he raised the question, “did the evidence produce by the prosecuting attorney rise to level beyond a reasonable doubt?” Although he was the only juror at the beginning of the deliberation to vote not guilty, he remain open minded, competent, and raised some very grave inconsistencies that inevitably helped the other jurors arrive at the facts of the case objectively. According to Rothwell (2013), ”we cannot determine what is appropriate and effective without knowing the rules operating in a given situation”. The rules in this situation were that every juror was entitled to their own opinion and able to express it without an onslaught by the group. Juror 8, Henry Fonda, and juror 9, Joseph

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