Father Of Modern Community Policing Essay

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The life and time of Sir Robert peel, the man who became known as the father of modern community policing during the late 1820s as the founder of the London Metropolitan police department. Sir Robert peel born into a wealthy family on February 5, 1788, in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England. “His father Sir Robert Peel (senior) was a prominent member of parliament who had high political aspirations for his young son.” According to Helium (2002, p.1). As a young boy, schoolwork became easy for Robert. He excels in his classes and went on to Oxford University. “Young Robert did well for himself and was rewarded by his father with a purchase of a parliamentary seat in Chashel.” (Helium, 2002, p.1). Peel held a number of positions in the government for years and was a popular person in the community. In 1822, Peel became the home secretary for his government while in office Peel established and made a few changes for example, the metropolitan police force, reformed criminal law; change the number of crimes punishable by death, paid prison guard for their service, rehabilitation, and education for inmates. Peel felt the need to do more for law enforcement. In 1829, Peel started the famous Scotland Yard the London base Police Force. “Members of the force were organized along military lines, wore distinctive uniforms (above) and patrolled London streets.” (Gale Cengage Learning, 1998, p. 1). Peel new officer called constables or nicknamed “Bobbies” for short in the fight against crime. Peel standards, and contributions was of the highest for the need of law enforcement officers did not go unnoticed. “The first modern police force in the united states was established in 1845 in New York City and was modeled after the London metropolitan police.” Soon after many others metropolitan city in the United States followed in forming similar law enforcement and

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