Father Hero Essay

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What is a hero? My dad is a hero, and this is his true hero story. My father is not the richest of men and not the poorest of men but in all he does He's always figuring out ways to make my life better and always to spend time with my brother and me. He is a loving person that in my eyes does no wrong. Yes he might yell, but he yells at me because he loves me and wants the best for me. He always pushes me in the right direction and with me that is not the easiest of tasks. My dad is always there for me and always tries to help me and give me guidance when I dug a hole and couldn’t get out. He always sacrifices for me and he doesn’t let me go without me being happy. He is one of the most loving people I have ever met. He tries his best to help anybody and everybody. I know he would risk his life to save me and to keep me from hurting. He's generous, always ready to help when needed. With me being his son I know that is a very important quality. He helps me through my problem which can be great. It helps me realize the full picture and it helps to have somebody that you know is there for you and you alone. I have never known somebody so loving and so striving to do what he can. He always does more than he should. They give me clothes, food, and any other items I desire. He tells me how to improve on things. He always tries to help me with my homework and that comes in handy when you are in high school. I love my dad and that is a never ending love. I know he will always love me, too! My

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