Father Flynn Not Guilty In Reality

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Like many, all of us have doubted someone or something. In John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt, Father Flynn’s doings are misconstrued. Father Flynn is very important in this play because he is the conflict. The accusation against him is not well proven but causes him to resign due to him being a priest. Father Flynn motion to leave St. Nicholas was not out of responsibility, but out of the anxious concern his reputation would be destroyed. Father Flynn is very kindhearted and sympathetic to the boys at St. Nicholas. Sister Aloysius and Sister James are shocked when Father Flynn broach, he is trying to protect Donald Muller. When confronted by Sister Aloysius and Sister James he confesses that Donald Muller was caught drinking altar wine. He was trying to protect Donald Muller from being kicked off the altar. As he explains why he felt horrible about telling Sister Aloysius, he says “There were tears. He begged not to be removed from altar boys. And I took pity.” (John Shanley, Pg.34).Sister Aloysius was unmoved by this confession. This quote shows that Father Flynn intent was to protect Donald from any embarrassment and from being removed from the altar. Since Donald Muller is the only African American student at St. Nicholas Catholic School, it’s very difficult for others to except him. Father Flynn’s intentions were to help comfort Donald Muller; while Sister Aloysius disagrees. Father Flynn feels children need warmth, kindness and understanding, not just rules. Sister Aloysius accusations are not well supported. When meeting with Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Muller is aware of her sons’ relationship with father Flynn and is quite happy he is accepted by someone in the school. She says “He looks up to him, the man gives him his time, which is what the boy needs.” (Johns Shanley, Pg.44). At this instant Mrs. Muller is trying to make it apparent to Sister Aloysius, if there is

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