Father Figure Essay

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I am happy that I can say that I have had a father figure my whole life, as some kids my age do not know or have not seen their father. I am glad to have a father because as a parent he helps me get through certain stages in my life and tells me how to prosper in my adulthood life. My father has helped me through motivating me to believe in the Christian faith, he also gives me guidance on how to survive in the real world, and he has always been there for me no matter what since birth which is why he has shaped me in life today My father completely shaped my religious beliefs; our family has always been strict on our religion. My father as a child went to church very often because his mother was a minister at her church and had a strong Christian faith my father went to church on Mondays, Wednesdays, and, Sundays with bible study on Thursdays and Saturdays so, my father really as a child did not really have a choice in what to believe in religiously. He kept his Christian faith after I was born, but I only had to go to church on Sundays. Although I was not completely dominated by church, I still today believe in god and go to church usually on the regular. I appreciate that I had someone to give me something to believe in. Plenty of children at my age or younger think that adulthood is just chilling, not going to school, and being able to stay up as late as they want but real adult life is nothing like that and without my dad I would have transitioned in the real world clueless of what it really is. I also used to feel like I was the most important thing in the world and that everything somehow revolved around me until my father told me that everyone else is living and everyone else has feelings just like me. Hearing this was hard at first, but then I realized it was true I guess it seems like an odd breakthrough but that situation led to an epiphany that shapes
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