Father Barry Is the True Hero of on the Waterfront. to What Extent Do You Agree?

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Father Barry is the true hero of On the Waterfront. To what extend do you agree? In the film, On the Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan, there are many heroic characters that impact the lives of the longshoremen through courageous acts. The protagonist, Terry Maloy must make decisions which further influence the futures of others around him; however he needs the aid of others to be his moral compass. Father Barry notably is hero within the film by becoming the mentor Terry Maloy needed. Despite Father Barry’s influence, Edie was the one who triggered Father Barry into becoming the figure Terry required. Charley Maloy chose loyalty to his brother over his high ranking within Johnny’s crew, which ultimately led Terry to making the right decision. Father Barry, being a priest was accused of ‘hiding’ in his church by Edie. This statement brought out the courage in Father Barry which then caused him to become a hero-like figure. When Father Barry delivers his speech to the longshoremen working after Kayo Dugan is killed, he is shunned by Friendly’s men. However this didn’t sway his opinion and feelings about the situation. Specifically when the camera is facing up to Friendly’s men and the other longshoremen, Father Barry sends the strong message of “Anybody who stands around and lets it happen... shares the guilt as much as the Roman soldier who pierced the flesh of our Lord.” On a separate occasion, Father Barry mentors Terry by telling him that he must testify the truth to the Waterfront Crime Commission. He questions Terry “How much is your soul worth?” In an attempt to make Terry question his past decisions and correct himself. Edie, the instigator of much of the uproar about the recent murders is a true hero in the film. Not only did she call out Father Barry, she began her own investigation into the murders by questioning Terry. All throughout the film Edie
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