Father and Infant

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Unit 1: Father and Infant It is said that a father cannot provide the same quality of care that a mother can offer to their infants. For example, a father can’t provide the sensitivity of a mother or be able to comfort the baby like a mother would. A father can’t provide the same attachment that a mother can. But In my opinion I feel like this is incorrect because a father can be everything a mother can be. Many infants can get attached to their main caregiver. But in reality what is the main image of the main caregiver. Usually in society the mother is but why can’t the father be the main caregiver. A father can provide the same care that mothers would provide for their infants. Fathers can also have a secure attachment that a mother has with their infants. It is said that only a mother can only provide efficient care for their infants. There are many single fathers in world that have to provide to their children without the help of women. Many fathers can feed their infants as if they were a mother by simply using formula. Any father can pick up baby soap at store and buy one of those special bathing tubs to shower his infant. Just because men are meant to be seen as a strong role model for example like men don’t cry doesn’t mean that father can’t lower their sensitivity level to imitate the love and care of mother. A father can even provide better protection for infants because it is in our genes to protect what is ours and in this case it is the most precious gift that men can receive. Studies have shown that in the U.S. there has been a three-hundred percent increase in full-time fathers that stay at home while their wives are the main income for the household (Santrock pg.117). The only little difference between the two is that the father may sometimes play a little rougher with his kids because women tend to be a little less difficult. But that doesn’t mean
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