Fatalism vs Compatibilism Essay

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Fatalism and compatibilism are the foundation reasoning’s behind mans well being on earth and weather the choices they make are forced and the outcomes of an action be the result of moral responsibility. Man occupies a unique position in the universe where man consists in the principle of morally responsibility for his every thought, word and deed. In this case everything happens out of compatibilism where man has free choice over the pre-determined events and it is their moral responsibility to carry out the determined events the best way possible. On the contrary, events are pre-determined by natural forces, that there is a rational being that sets the goal for everything that happens in nature and that being is God. These irresistible forces are like a boat being tossed around on the waves in a storm where it is ridiculous to fight against the relentless law of fate. The best way to illustrate compatibilisim would be to view it in terms as our destiny is broken up into checkpoints and at every checkpoint we are given a determined test or event where we have the freedom to choose one way or the other depending on how we freely choose our decisions. The wrong decisions of a checkpoint will lead the person on a new path that is turbulent like but that detour path will eventually cross their original path with the destined checkpoints. Depending on a person’s free will to carry out a checkpoint in a good or bad way will result in that person either taking a long elaborate way around as a punishment (of some sort) or if the person answers correctly than they will be rewarded for that good deed and take the more desirable path thus the direct rout to next checkpoint. On the other hand, fatalism approaches this view religiously that all past and future events are pre determined by God, and that a person’s power over his divine path is relinquished. Assume that no

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