Fat Tax Apa Essay

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One of the biggest issues that healthcare system in the US has to deal with is obesity and its consequences. Fat tax seems to be a promising solution to deal with health issues related to obesity and overweight because it will help to stop the indiscriminate consumption of products with high-fat content. I do believe the government should enact the fat tax because it will change the way people eat, also I think it should be enact is because it is proven that it works, and another reason is because it will help to raise money to support other health programs. One of the reasons I think the government should enact the fat tax is because it will change the way people eat. Fat Tax is a surcharge that is placed upon food that contains high amounts of fat, or beverages. This tax aims to slow down the consumption of foods that cause obesity, this would make fatty food more expensive and people would think it twice before buying it., because the main excuse for consuming junkie food is they have been “forced” to buy cheap food because their economic status, so they have to buy all kind of fast food which usually contains great amounts of chemicals like corn syrup instead of sugar, preservatives and tons of fat to substitute some ingredients and make it cheaper. According to the article “Cheap Food Blamed for America's Obesity Crisis”(2014), the main reason people are getting fatter is not because they don’t exercise enough, but it is because they are surrounded by unhealthy and cheap options, from fast food to all kind of processed snacks, multiple research has suggested that part of the problem is the inaccessibility of healthy foods, being more expensive than junk food, but studies shows that regardless of their socioeconomical status, gender or ethnicity people are consuming the same amount of fatty food, so they are not really “forced” to buy it, they buy it
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