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DOUBLE YOUR FAT LOSS By Robert King www.RobKingFitness.com www.DoubleYourFatLoss.com Copyright © 2011 by Robert King. All rights reserved. No part of this ebook may be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part in any way by any means currently or as yet unknown without prior written permission from the author. To purchase a copy of this ebook, please visit www.DoubleYourFatLoss.com Photo Credits Under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0: On bottom of all pages, photo courtesy of PinkStock Photos!@Flickr CONTENTS Table Of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: What Is Necessary For Fat Loss Chapter 2: The Importance of Protein For Fat Loss Chapter 3: The Importance Of Carbs And Fat Loss Chapter 4: Fat and Fat Loss –– Do Not Fear The Fats Chapter 5: Plateaus –– Why They Occur And How To Break Them Chapter 6: Carb Cycling Approach Chapter 7: Meal Timing For Maximum Leanness Chapter 8: Fasting Approaches For Fat Loss Chapter 9: Determining Your Optimum Fat Loss Strategy Chapter 10: Lifestyle Factors That Impact Weight Loss Conclusion About the Author 5 7 13 19 28 35 45 51 54 59 63 70 71 4 4 Intro Introduction If you're looking for a maximum rate of fat loss using a safe and effective method that is going to guarantee that you keep that weight off in the long run, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Double Your Fat Loss. In this book, I'm going to share with you the hardcore dieting basics that you must know. I've stripped away all the 'noise' that you may be overwhelmed and confused about with past approaches and am delivering you nothing but the cold hard facts. The truth of the matter is that there are WAY too many different diet programs out there, each with their own 'hook'. Some will work great, while others will not work at all. For the fat-loss consumer, it can get extremely difficult to learn which ones are worth your

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