Fat Is a Feminist Issue Essay

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Kyrsten James WIBIS 188-005 October 15, 2012 Word Count # Fat Is a Feminist Issue By: Susie Orbach Obesity and overeating is a topic that is ongoing within the United States and in many lives of woman today. Fifty percent of women that live in this country alone are estimated to be overweight. Individuals of our society are always looking for new diets, dietary plans, supplements, and or advice. Every woman would love to be considered physically fit, and beautiful in the eyes of others, but this within itself is a challenge. Everyone perceives beauty in different ways, shapes, and forms. Obesity and overeating in women can be linked to sex/gender roles as well as societies expectations on what the ideal woman should be or look like. The essay entitled Fat is a Feminist Issue by author and therapist Susie Orbach; touches on an issue that many women have problems dealing with today that can be linked to a direct effect from society. Hence obesity and overeating, which is believed to be a social disease, according to Orbach. She believes that being overweight was indeed a feminist issue. Orbach states that “Fat is not about lack of self- control or lack of willpower. Fat is about protection, sex, nurturance, strength, boundaries, mothering, substance, assertion, and rage” (p.449). Orbach believes that all of these were legitimate reasons as to why some women are “fat.” I believe that Orbach has really touched on the sensitive issue of obesity in an ever demanding society. It is true that women are over sensitive to being called fat. Most women who think their fat are simply curvy and womanly. It is true that society has put such a spin on what a “beautiful” woman should look like. Orbach really says what a lot of women want to hear. In her short essay, Fat as a Feminist Issue, Susie Orbach clearly explains her view on the obesity issue with women in

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