Fat Cell Essay

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The conflict theory focuses on inequality, power, and social change. Conflict theorists study how individuals, or groups of individuals, come to dominate others and the circumstances under which those who are dominated are able to reduce or eliminate the disadvantages they face. This theory is important because it can relate to most situations in the world, such as the differences between rich and poor, black and white, or man and woman. The video I chose to present is a video I found on YouTube called, “Racism in America.” It demonstrated both racism and stereotyping. I chose it because I believe it perfectly represents the conflict perspective and it is a really funny video. I wanted to do something a little different from everyone else. In this video, a guy shows a real world situation that a lot of people face today due to racism in the workforce, the video shows inequality between two races, white and black. It expresses stereotyping because the boss thinks that all black people are ghetto and talks using slang words. He told the man applying for the job that he sounds different on the phone. He thought the man was white because he sounds well spoken and proper over the phone. This happens a lot every day, people tend to assume the race of someone just because of the way they sound on the phone, but when you see them in person it’s a big surprise, this can relate to a topic that was discussed in class. This is just wrong; you shouldn’t judge someone just because of their skin color and assume that they are different. We all are the same just a different color. Another way that it demonstrate stereotype is because at the beginning of the video the lady thinks that all black people are dark. This video was perfect for the perspective I chose, although it was meant to be a funny video, it still showed a major conflict today in America and all around the

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